Setting the Schematic Options

The first thing to do before you start drawing your circuit is to set up the appropriate document options. Complete the following steps.

1. From the menus, choose Design » Document Options and the Document Options dialog will open.
For this tutorial, the only change we need to make here is to set the sheet size to standard A4 format.
In the Sheet Options tab, find the Standard Styles field.
Click the arrow next to the entry to see a list of sheet styles.

2. Select the A4 style and click OK to close the dialog and update the sheet size.

3. To make the document fill the viewing area again, select View » Fit Document.
In Altium Designer, you can activate any menu by pressing the menu hotkey (the underlined letter in the
menu name). Any subsequent menu items will also have hot keys that you can use to activate the item.
For example, the shortcut for selecting the View » Fit Document menu item is to press the V key followed by the D key. Many submenus, such as the Edit » DeSelect menu, can be called directly.
To activate the Edit » DeSelect » All on Current
Document menu item, you need only press the X key (to call up the DeSelect menu directly) followed by the S key.

Next we will set the general schematic preferences.
1. Select Tools » Schematic Preferences [shortcut: T, P] to open the schematic Preferences dialog.
This dialog allows you to set global preferences that will apply to all schematic sheets you work on.

2. Click on Schematic – Default Primitives in the selection tree (left side of the dialog) to make it the
active page and enable the Permanent option. Click OK to close the dialog.

3. Before you start capturing your schematic, save this schematic sheet, so select File » Save [shortcut:F, S].

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